About me

I didn’t have to discover music, because music discovered me. I grew up in a household where the rooms were filled with rock, classical, techno, folk and other genres of music. You could also hear the saxophone, piano, bass, electric guitar, and many other instruments on any given day. My father has been a performing and recording artist for over 40 years and has helped provide my foundation with music. My apprenticeship with him began at an early age, because I knew the music scene is where I belong. What he has taught me about sound reinforcement has been invaluable. I also had another apprenticeship opportunity in Houston, Texas where I was able to master my skills with sound reinforcement. I have experience running professional sound & video for live bands and we own all our own equipment. Running sound has been the catalyst for my successful career as a DJ. I have professionally DJ'd music videos and Karaoke for local bars and out of state venues for more than 10 years. I also have experience DJing weddings, birthday parties, sorority fundraisers, family reunions, and other events. I enjoy meeting with clients before their events so we are able to collaborate and customize their musical experience. Music is my passion and my life and I love to share that with other people. I take bookings both locally and I am willing to travel. I am able to cover any genre of music and no event is too big or too small. Contact me to book your event!